The Amazing Chocolate

The Amazing Chocolate

Chocolate Bath at Home

You must have heard of Cleopatra of Egypt, one of the most beautiful women in the history. She was said to use a combination of milk to bathe for her body, chocolate for her face and hair and oil for her hands.

What we know today about chocolate is mostly found out from the history, but also sustained with thorough studies to see what results can be noted and what not. The tests and experience showed that chocolate has indeed benefits for both health and skin care, as it has a complex composition.

The Health Benefits

chocolate-mix-mask-paste-Chocolate prevents heart illnesses, because it contains flavanoids. These are some antioxidants that help the cells and also the body. The antioxidants help fighting the free radicals that are actually making the cells age faster.

The level of blood sugar can be also kept under control with dark chocolate. It’s hard to believe, but it does make it true, even if the chocolate does contain some sugar.

It reduces the levels of LDL, which is another name for bad cholesterol. The cholesterol usually is deposited on blood vessels until it clogs them, and chocolate reduces it.

Your mood will always be improved if you get one small tablet of dark chocolate. As it helps in producing endorphins, chocolate is recommended when you are stressed as it calms you and helps you relax.

In addition, it protects the skin against the UV rays. The Sun is always emitting these UV rays, and using chocolate for protection is recommended. You will find lotions that have dark chocolate in their composition exactly for this reason.

5BB8FBD79CD04855B36FF2D2651189CEUsed wisely, it prevents strokes. The chocolate contains a substance know as epicatechin, which is actually a flavanoid. This substance protects the brain, as it is found in a considerable amount within the chocolate. It was proven that those people who constantly have dark chocolate are less predisposed to having a stroke.

Anemia is also treated with dark chocolate, as it is rich in nutrients and improves the diet of any person diagnosed with it.

Being so rich in flavanoids, the chocolate also helps in improving the blood flow of the brain. As it does that, it helps the blood vessels that connect the eyes with the brain, helping you see better.

The Skin Care

Chocolate is a great ingredient to use for your hair. It improves the blood circulation for your scalp, which will lead to a beautiful growth of your hair. In addition, it reduces the hair loss, thanks to the improved circulation.

sp-14-chocolate-ingredientsThe hair products that are enriched with chocolate will give you gloss and volume, as it is known that many women love having a beautiful hair.

The scalp infections can be minimized, because chocolate also has an anti-inflammatory property.

As it has many antioxidants, a chocolate-based product will protect your skin better against the free radicals. In addition, your skin will be young for a longer time, supple and soft.

Dark chocolate was proven to be good for your skin, as studies have shown. A regular intake of chocolate will give you a beautiful complexion. Don’t imagine you will also get the color, because it is not true. However, your skin will be clear and soft.

Combined with other products like caffeine, chocolate has proven to be a great skin-detoxifier. It will help your skin lose all the dead cells and your freshly exposed skin will be flawless.

You’ll find plenty of bio products on the market that have as a main ingredient the dark chocolate. Choose them wisely and only after you have made a thoroughly research. There are lip-glosses, skin butters, creams, masks and anything that you might think of.

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